Words From My Clients

"Wendy shows a compassion like known other when it comes to her healing ability. Her attention to my needs and feelings were genuine. The energy and healing that I felt within was amazing especially since we were at a distance of about 1100 miles. I highly recommend Wendy with help in your journey in healing. She certainly helped me!!!!"
Carol Coy
"Oooohhh Hooooo Witchy Woman! Wendy is amazing to work with! She is great with deciphering exactly what you are looking for without you even knowing it. She listens intently and responds with options and suggestions to cater to what you REALLY need, not just what you think you need. Need a cleansing? She's got you. Reiki? She's got you. Need something more customized? She's got you too! "
"Wendy's expertise and healing sessions are incredibly beneficial. I admit - I was somewhat skeptical. It was 2018 and I was in a dark place, I had taken a new job and several people were trying hard to see me fail and even going so far as to sabotage my success and efforts. I reached out to Wendy and we did several candles, which were quite revealing. Several sessions later, combined with protective oils and sacred stones, I found myself renewed. More energy, more optimism and within several months those that were causing me problems were no longer with the organization. I highly recommend Wendy for all of your spiritual needs and guidance. Even if you are a skeptic - give it a chance and I think you will be amazed."
"Before last Saturday I was in a funk, my mind was everywhere but where it needed to be. I could feel something was happening when you started your healing process. I literally started crying and was overwhelmed with emotions. Within the next hour I was back to normal, if not better! I have felt great this past week, and I owe it to you! Thank you <3"
Alyssa Martin
"I have know Wendy for over 20 years and am constantly impressed with the continued growth and offerings she provides for her clients. Every new certification she attains ensures those that trust in her for their healing and enlightenment will be provided with a deeper understanding of their goals and aspirations. No matter if it’s simple reiki alignment or an in depth exploration of spirituality, you know you’re in trusted, honest, and dedicated hands."
Frank Salvato
"I don't think I have enough words to describe how grateful and happy I am to have Wendy in my life. When we met, I was completely drained and hopeless. I was going through some of those moments in life where you just wonder what you are doing that nothing seems to fall into place. I had been asking for guidance for a long time with no (apparent) answer. Little did I know that I was going to walk straight into it. The day we met my life changed, now every moment I spend with her is a lesson, and a very beautiful one. One of the things I love the most if how everything is crystal clear with her. I cannot thank you enough! I met you in one of the most hopeless moments of my life. You calmed me down and gave me hope. Every moment with you has been a huge lesson and I just don’t have enough words to express the gratitude I feel.”
Lily Castillo
"I took part in a healing session with Wendy recently. I’m a little skeptical being in another state and all, and she said I may even get emotional. I was like yeah… ok. But I didn’t do much of anything but watch movies that day and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t tearing up during a few of the movies I watched. I know, I’m just a big wuss, right? Haha I dunno… Thanks Wendy! "
Atlanta, Georgia
"I recently received a short healing session from Wendy at WitchKeys. I suffer from regular headaches and shoulder pain from old injuries. Normally I’m skeptical of spiritual healing being agnostic but I have this a try. The process was extremely easy and soothing done while I continued with my day. The healing provided me with relief of my pain as well as clarity for days to come. I would recommend Wendy to anyone who is suffering from acute or chronic pain."
Thomas Jakob


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