Wendy Jakob offers in-person and virtual sessions working with guided and meditative interpersonal development. Services provided offer a wide range of spiritual and mental benefits.




Services include healing sessions classified into MODALITIES based upon the level of healing and suggested use. Below are descriptions of a few select modalities with a little information on each.


Reiki is an energy healing modality which uses Universal Life Force Energy that flows through the healer to the client. Reiki intuitively guides the healer during any session to aid the recipient in the best way possible. Regardless, the Reiki energy will always find its way to where it is needed the most.
Reiki: Pronounced Ray-Key, is believed to be a universal form of energy that has existed and been in use for thousands of years. Rei means universal and Ki, the same as Chi, is life energy. The traditional method in use today was founded by Master Mikao Usui in 1922. While his story is a very important one to the Reiki student and master, it is important to know that other styles of Reiki were in practice before Master Usui discovered his own method. That being said, it was Master Usui’s method that became the more well-known and practiced form of Reiki once he established his own practice called Usui Reiki Ryoho in 1922.
Millions of people today have become attuned and now practice this particular method of Reiki. While there are many other styles, both before and after Master Usui created his own method, it is important to recognize that it is the energy of Reiki itself that matters.
As a healing modality, Reiki is a universal life force energy that flows through the attuned Reiki practitioner to the intended recipient for the purpose of aiding or supporting the recipient’s own personal healing energy. We all have the potential to heal ourselves through thought and intention.
Using Reiki empowers our own innate ability to heal and supports our life force energy by assisting us in any healing process which we are intending in the moment. The Reiki practitioner is merely a conduit for the energy during a healing session. It is the recipient’s own life force that ultimately guides the Reiki energy to where it truly needs to go for the most effective and efficient healing necessary. Once a session is over, the healer can then explain what was noticed in the recipient’s energy body and what, if anything, was addressed or needs to be considered later.
There is no end to the number of ways that Reiki can be used to help someone. Whether you are looking to heal your energy body, your physical health, or any other area in your life personally, Reiki is a way to assist in your overall improved well-being.
Reiki can be performed in person, at a distance and done hands on or hands off. Anyone can benefit from Reiki no matter the age, the time, the distance or the purpose. Reiki can be performed for a recipient regardless of the difference in time zone or the distance between the two. Reiki is energy and all life is energy.
Please note that while Reiki has been known to help people in many amazing ways, it should be considered as an additional method of healing. It is intended to aid in one’s healing, not to replace all forms of healing. So, be sure to continue with any traditional forms of therapy or medical treatment being provided or recommended by your health care professional for the best possible outcome.
I am a Reiki Master in the traditional form of Reiki created by Master Usui and have been practicing Reiki since 2017. It was in 2020 that I became attuned as a Reiki Master. After becoming a Reiki Master in the traditional method, I then went on to train and become a Master Reiki healer in several other forms of Reiki, which I use intuitively according to each session. A record of my education will be provided upon request.
Consultations for a Reiki session are available and should take no longer than 15-30 minutes depending on the purpose for the healing session. While it is possible for a Reiki session to last for an extended period of time, I find it best to do a session for no longer than an hour and a half. In this way I am able to accomplish a great deal of work and then provide the client with the added insight to their sessions after it is completed.
A consultation should help with deciding how best to proceed.
This modality can be done in person or at a distance. Nothing is required of the recipient other than to be in a restful and comfortable place. There are no limitations in regards to who, when, where or why someone can receive Reiki.*
Reiki was meant to be available to anyone. With that in mind, I offer my Reiki services accordingly:
Other times available upon request during consultations.
 In person healing sessions available upon request. Some restrictions may apply.**
 Sessions: 1 hour 
Sessions Cost: $56 per hour
While many people consider dragons to be mythical creatures, it is very possible to connect with this type of energy for some very extensive type of healing.
It is important to understand that if you wish to utilize this type of healing modality that you truly wish and desire the aid of dragons. When called upon, dragons can and will offer their aid and do so in a very effective and straight forward manner. As a result, some may feel that this type of energy is a stronger and more direct force of nature to work with for one’s toughest struggles.
Dragons are fierce and very deliberate in their attempt to help. That means that you should consider very carefully what it is you are asking for when calling upon their assistance. They will make you face yourself and the nature of your request in order to aid you more efficiently and effectively for the best overall result. Dragon healing can be done in person or at a distance.
There are no limits or requirements for this type of healing. Though it is recommended that when calling upon dragons for help, that you honestly consider your request for the nature of its virtue and your intent in doing so.
It is advised to have at least a 15 minute consultation prior to any healing session, especially for Dragon Healing.
Sessions: 1 hour
Sessions Cost: $65 per hour
Light Codes are made up of information that the logical mind will likely not comprehend. However, it is downloaded in such a way that the higher consciousness, or Higher Self will be able to perceive and benefit from its message.
Light Codes themselves are abstract geometric symbols of Light Energy that are believed to come from Source, Divine Guidance, the Akashic Records, or our Greater Consciousness as a whole. This is something that anyone, given the understanding and method, can tap into and practice with on their own. While that may be the case, I highly advise anyone new to the esoteric and metaphysical studies to first gain a better understanding of where they are in their own process before moving forward with work involving the channeling of any form of energy work.
While this method of healing is similar to Reiki, in that it is channeled through the healer, it is different in that it uses Light Encoded Energy which takes on a much greater meaning and purpose for the recipient. This work is always relevant to the recipient and will likely be different during each session regardless of how many times one decides to practice it. This form of healing is something I would suggest for those looking for something more personal and direct from one’s own Higher Self and the Akashic Records. Every session will provide intuitive insight from both me as a healer, and very likely from the one receiving the energy as well.
While a consultation would be helpful for this form of healing, it is not required. When working with Light Codes, the information most beneficial for the recipient will find its way to them.
This type of work can be done in person or at a distance regardless of time or space. This can also be added to other healing modalities as an additional benefit to the work being done already. Please be sure when booking a session to mention whether you are wanting to do the healing alone or in addition to another modality. A discount will be applied when using this modality as a support to another.
Sessions:  1 hour
Sessions Cost: $56 Per Hour


This particular method of healing which involves Angels is an up close and personal session with some of the most well-known Archangels in the world. Known for working together, the Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel, will be called upon to provide their presence and their aid to the recipient making the request.
Angels can be called upon by anyone regardless of faith or belief system. Because Angels do not go against Free Will, it is important that when choosing this modality one be certain that they are making the request for their own benefit.
As a healer, I will facilitate the space and the connection to the Angels and the Angelic Realm for the duration of the session. Intuitive information received will be provided after the session, or during if necessary. Because of the nature of this modality, it is important that this be done in person. However, should one wish to engage further with the nature of Angels, another form of session can be discussed for distance purposes.
Sessions: 1 hour
Sessions Cost: $44 per hour 


The word Chronomancy has its origins in China as well as in Europe during the eighteenth century. While in China it is considered a way in which to determine the best time to accomplish something important, for St. Germain it held more alchemical approaches.
St. Germain has largely been known as an alchemist and one who sought, if not found, the philosopher’s stone during his lifetime. While his methods are not exactly what is intended here, it is interesting to note that people from hundreds of years ago have been using time as a way to create change in their lives whether past, present, or even their future.
Using this particular healing modality is all about the time in one’s life and the events that have occurred up to the current moment. This is about moving through those moments with your own Spirit and working on the various aspects of Self to help you achieve a greater depth of healing for past traumas and difficulties.
I personally have been working on this healing modality by using multiple healing approaches that I have found, used and adapted over time for more than a decade. While I learned from many people over the past twenty years when it comes to healing the Shadow Self, it was Dr. Futerman from The Green Man Store in Los Angeles that gave me this terminology of Chronomancy. I admit it is largely different than when he first told me about it and how to use it for myself. While I am choosing to show my gratitude to those who aided me in this journey, like Dr. Futerman, I have indeed evolved and the work I am doing with this type of healing has been adapted and changed accordingly.
This work takes time, effort and a willingness to participate in the healing of the Self. While one session does help, it is a modality that can make a much larger impact with ongoing work and effort by those involved.
This form of healing is best done with a personal connection such as in person or via video. A consultation prior to this type of modality is largely recommended.
Sessions: 1 to 2 hours – depending
Shadow Self is either an unconscious aspect of the personality that the conscious ego does not identify in itself, or the entirety of the unconscious; the unknown side; self.
Shadow Work: is not a healing modality so much as an ongoing Self introspective study which takes a look at the darker aspects of one’s Self.
While mostly considered to be the parts of ourselves we wouldn’t normally accept, we can also dismiss parts of ourselves that would be considered lighter or brighter if and when given an opportunity to be acknowledged.
Shadow Work is a guided approach to look into the depths of one’s subconscious Self in order to find what we may have hidden due to feelings of pain, loss, trauma, or repression for any number of reasons. When you can bring a lost “aspect of Self” back into the light, it is possible to bring healing to the greater Self for an overall sense of well-being.
This type of work is relative and may be combined with any number of healing modalities offered. Primarily, this work would be done via ongoing consulting and guided assistance as needed or desired. 
***I am not a licensed therapist and all work should be considered an aid or a support to one’s personal healing journey whether through modern medicine or alternative medicine. For situations that feel life threatening or when having thoughts regarding the harm of one’s Self or another, please seek professional help. 
Sessions: Vary
Sessions Cost: Pricing varies with consult of $45 *not put toward session


(Coming Soon)

This healing modality will be available soon, please check back for more information.
While many people consider ancestors to be those related to us by blood, it is important to know that ancestral work is not just our own blood line. When we get married or we form close relationships with others, there is a connection with people that can sometimes be considered a family connection. Some may call this tribe, family, or extended family. Regardless, if you have been married once, twice, or even more, you are essentially adding more and more family concepts and conditions to your own blood line. This is just one of the many reasons why it is important to do ancestral work. The more you are able to heal your own blood line, the more you are able to heal the Ancestors as a whole.
The nature of this work allows a person to find assistance to a difficult or seemingly insurmountable problem by connecting and working with the Ancestors that preceded them in life. This method of healing can help one find answers or help that may not otherwise be possible through traditional methods. This is not work to be taken lightly. It should be noted that when doing ancestral work strong emotions and reactions may occur.
When you decide to do ancestral work you are helping the entirety of your own blood line and all those involved on some level. This has a huge impact on your own life and all those related and connected to the work that you are doing. The more work that you do, the more you will have an effect on your everyday life. This is a modality that takes time and effort yet pays off in big ways. You can see life changing effects within just a few sessions, if not the first one from the start. There are a number of approaches that can be done, however this can be decided during a consultation prior to any session.
Ancestral work may be accomplished at a distance, however it is preferable in person or via video. A consultation is required and the actual session will take no less than an hour to an hour and a half. Because of the nature of this modality and the way in which this work is done, anyone considering this method should make sure that they are comfortable with how it is accomplished.
Sessions: To be determined.
Session Cost: $75 per session, with consult of $45. **Consult fee for Ancestral Work does not go towards healing session fee. 

Additional Services

Combining multiple services can add value and deeper meaning to your sessions and is encouraged to help achieve a deeper level of success. Below are a few favorites to choose from.
Tarot card readings guided by feeling, rather than strict logical analysis to interpret answers for the past, present, and future. Allow me and my Spirit Allies to aid you in opening doors to many a mystery. Ask your questions and see what Spirit has to say to you! 


Sessions: 30 mins or 1  hour
Session Cost: Half hour $35, Hour $55, 
Non-refundable unless canceled 24 hrs in advance or within first 5 minutes if same day.
Science has proven that everyone does in fact dream when they sleep. (While there is a genetic blood line that has been discovered that is incapable of dreaming, sadly their condition is the cause of their short life span.)
Whether you dream in color, black and white, or you remember or don’t remember your dreams, you do in fact dream. Anyone who wishes to discover the nature of their dreams and how it may aid them in their waking life can use this type of modality for further insight. This type of modality can be done is multiple ways. As a healer, I can help you understand the nature of your dreams according to the relativity it has to you. Should one wish to learn how to facilitate dreaming and more help in the recalling of one’s dreams, ongoing assistance and training is available. This is a modality that can be done in person, at a distance, via video or just over the phone.
While emails are quick and easy, working with dreams is more effective and efficient when done with a personal connection to the person who is making the request for assistance. It is advisable to have something written down prior to a session, as well as have pen and paper for notes in regards to each session. No consultation is necessary for dream work. Options for dream work and dream interpretation vary.
Sessions: Vary
Do you have a “feeling” that something or someone is in your home or space, though just aren’t sure? Are you wanting to get rid of “bad” or “negative” energies? If so, space clearing is the way to help clear it. I can aid you in cleansing your home or space by a number of methods. 
Further information provided in a consultation will allow me to understand how best to help you and the space you want cleansed.
Space clearing is an in person / location modality. Method of cleansing may vary and will be discussed prior to arriving at location.
Consultation prices: $50 over the phone, Consult fee will be put toward the full cost of services. Total costs may be up to $200
Moving? Whether you are leaving a home or moving into a new one, a house blessing can benefit you in both ways. Think of sending gratitude to both where you have been and where you are going for a much more beneficial move forward. A Home Blessing can provide you with a greater connection to your home and the land on which it stands. And, if needed, it can provide a release from the home from where you just moved. When doing a home blessing there are many moving parts. Depending on how much you would like to do, Home Blessings can be simple up to elaborate.
Sessions: Vary
Consultation prices: $50 over the phone, Consult fee will be put toward the full cost of services. Total costs may be up to $200
All fees are non-refundable, consultation fee will be considered a deposit with a portion of it going toward the cost of in person session. Consultation fee is non-refundable once completed.
Home Blessings aren’t just for homes! If you would like to have your business cleansed and blessed prices will vary according to size and location. Same consultation fee!
Do you feel as though something is in your way? What about feeling as though someone has done your wrong? Are you looking for love, money or just need a little help with gaining clarity? All of these things and more can be accomplished by magical candles, herbal mixtures, spell pouches and more.
Sessions: Vary
Magic Candles range from $35 to $55 depending on the amount of work and additional elements that may be provided. Price will be offered once the details have been provided. Once a magic candle has been made, it is done and non-refundable. Delivery fees may vary. Free consultations.


Unlock more of your potential and get your certification(s) through Wendy Jakob.

Classes Include:

Practical Magic
Psychic Development
Candle Magic
Ritual Work
Path Working
Psychic Protection
Sovereignty & Virtue

Certified Training Classes:

Certified Angelic Healing

Certified Dragon Energy Healing

Reiki Certified Training:

Traditional Reiki
Karuna Ki Reiki
Reiki of the Atlanteans
Atlantean & Lemurian Light Reiki
Orion & Pleiadean Reiki
Perseus & Andromedin Reiki
Egyptian Reiki
Rainbow Reiki

Reiki Grand Master Certified Training:

Reiki Grand Master
Certified Classes: Reiki Certified training may be done in either 1-3 day training sessions.
Certified training requires video or in person sessions.
Certifications will be given upon completion.


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