Personal Rules

Wendy Jakob will not violate free will, nor do work for someone other than the person making the request. Furthermore will not provide information, assistance, or guidance toward the harm of one’s self, others, or to violate another’s free will.

Categories of Healing:

Channeled Energy Healing:
This type of healing is done by channeling energy from a higher vibrational source which requires training and attuning to the source of the healing energy.
  • Reiki
  • Dragons
  • Light Codes
Non-Channeled Energy Therapy:
The Healer is merely an intermediary and facilitator of the healing session through practiced and intuitive methods.
Angelic Healing:
The Angels do the work, not the healer.
Direct Energy Therapy:
Simple applied focus, visualization and intuitive direction are the foundations of this type of modality.
Simple Cleanse:
One’s own personal energy is aided through intuitive visualization and adjustment.
Shadow Work / Healing:
This type of modality is based upon one’s own suffering from trauma of any and all kinds. It requires a personal effort that is ongoing and in itself is a type of therapy for the Spirit.
Taking aspects of Self from the Spirit that have been traumatized or injured in order to heal the moment in time. Once done, the aspect is reinstated with the whole to create a ripple effect that will have a lasting impact on the overall sense of Self and Spirit. This can be done multiple times and for any form of discomfort. 


Journey Work / Path Finding:
Journey Work / Path Finding: Self-discovery through Spiritual exploration and alternative practices. The mystery is endless.


Dream Work and Dream Interpretation:
  • Dream Work: What does it take to dream?
  • Dream Interpretation:  What is your personal dream vocabulary?
  • Dream Journaling Classes:  How does one learn to facilitate dreaming and a better understanding of the nature of the dream world?
  • How do you learn the language of your dreams?  Does everyone dream the same? And more…
Ancestral Healing: 
This modality is its own form of healing that has the potential for great change. Whether it is in a day, weeks, or in a few hours, this modality can bring about results for healing that leave a large impact on everyone involved in this healing process.
Because it does require a little more effort on behalf of the recipient, it should be understood that consultations and further understanding regarding the work are suggested. This is an amazing way to create changes in one’s life that would otherwise seem impossible or unlikely. It has the ability to aid one from the smallest of difficulties to the greatest of disturbances within the Spirit, most especially the misunderstood and unknown.

Words Of Caution

All work done may have a range of affects accordingly. There are physical, emotional and psychological responses to the work. This is usually the intention to begin with; however, each person may experience these affects differently in an unpredictable manor unique to every individual. Every attempt will be made to help someone understand this. This work is not to be undertaken lightly, or if you are not ready for potential consequences of such.



The affects of each session may vary and may have an ongoing effect that will last for extended periods of time.

Guidance on how to handle or cope will be provided. People must take personal responsibility for their own healing and do the work suggested for the best and most “comfortable” outcome.


Major life changes are possible and may not always be what is/was expected.


This warning will be relative to the modality, situation and/or individual. 


General Information & Disclaimers

Wendy Jakob is not a medical doctor. None of the services or content of this or referred websites should be regarded as a replacement to medical advice. If you require immediate assistance from medical professionals – please do so.


*While Reiki is considered a modality that “does not harm,” I personally choose to practice only on those who are willing and consciously aware of the fact that they are receiving healing. This means that I will not practice any form of healing modality I provide without the prior consent of those directly involved. Simply, I do not violate Free Will.
**When choosing to have a session done in your personal space, please note that additional fees to account for travel and time doing so may be required. If local, arrangements can be made after further understanding of location and modality are decided. It is also important to know that when entering another person’s home or space, I may need to do additional work for the space I will be working within.
Please take into account the consideration of others that you live with when choosing to do a session in your own living space. Not everyone is accepting of having work done in their home, around them, or close to them regardless of circumstance. If someone is going to be an issue during a healing session, it is best to reconsider the location or timing of the session. If you are choosing to do an in person healing session I will make sure to go over with you things to consider before we proceed.
***All healing work will come with intuitive guidance and instruction accordingly. All work is done with the intent of helping the client on their own personal journey of healing and discovery. Therefore, it is up to each person that does a healing session to be sure that they are willing and happy to do so before following through. All attempts will be made to insure that the process and the work being provided is understood and that the person taking part is willing and consenting to the work.
Consultations should not take longer than 30 minutes. If there is need for a longer consultation, this will be considered a form of therapy work which will be explained further and a fee will be assessed accordingly. This will be made clear during the consultation should it be necessary.
The time of the healing session will be made very clear to the recipient as well as the ending of the session. While some sessions will certainly have appointed times, things do vary.
24 hours’ notice must be provided in order to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Please consider your time zone when making changes. Refunds will be given to anyone who chooses to cancel more than 24 hours prior to any consultation or session.
All fees must be paid prior to any session.
Other considerations may apply.
If for any reason I personally am unable to proceed with a session, either a refund or another appointment time will be offered. Anyone who wishes to end a session that has already begun may do so. Healing work may be very different than a lot of other types of work. It does not change the fact that we all deserve respect and decency when providing a service to others. Please understand that a lot goes into the preparation of a healing session prior to the work being done. As a result, there are no refunds for any work once started or already completed.
Schedule changes accepted only once per session. As with anything in life, there are times when we are challenged by circumstances beyond our control. “Acts of God or Nature” are considered such things.

Final word: All things change, so does the work and the healing. Nothing is set in stone, so be open to considering other options regardless of the timing of the sessions suggested. In short; ask, and we shall see.


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