About Me

Wendy Jakob

Pagan Witch, Certified Alternative Energy & Healing Specialist

With numerous certifications and years of training and experience, Wendy has been committed to expanding her healing energy understanding and proactive for decades.


Through her experiences you can learn how to best progress on your journey of spiritual healing and understanding in this life and beyond.


About Me

Beginning my journey was not something I knew I was doing. I took steps and then more and then I found myself on a path that I didn’t understand. I spent years in search of answers that I wasn’t even sure I had the right questions to ask. I asked for guidance and I made sure to make myself available, as well as go out and get the information I felt the need to gather. I have gone to lectures, classes, workshops, group meetings, weekend intensives, ritual workings, coven workings, vision quests, and spent years learning from a wide range of teachers and healers over the 30 plus years since I began. 


I have haunted even myself for the wisdom, the knowledge, the answers, anything I could find that would lead me to what made me feel like I was truly in the presence of something bigger and greater than myself or the world around me. I have reached for Spirit and Spirit has shown me that I am not alone. I have been touched, aided and blessed with the presence of many Spirits that continue to amaze me every time I work with them or they work through me. 


Whether I am helping a friend or loved one, or even myself, I am always surrounded by the presence of dozens of friends and allies that come from many different realms of understanding. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be working with Angels, Dragons, The Light, and a multitude of Spirits that defy explanation. 


Most of all, I look forward to continuing my work for others as I continue my journey on the Path of Healing and Self Evolution. Thank you for participation and consideration as we walk together in our discovery of SELF. 


Wendy has attained numerous Master, Grand Master, Practitioner, and Teacher level certifications in numerous disciplines, and levels of healing including:

  • Reiki
  • Dragon
  • Angelic
  • Light Codes
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Magical and Ritual workings
  • Shadow Work
  • Ancestral work
    and more…


Descriptions of areas of expertise are listed below.

Usui Ryoho Reiki

Master Certificate

Reiki – Grand Master Levels 5-20

Another intense form of Reiki for all types of healing. If you are in need of a healing that works on old wounds and also empowers you as well, this will be  extremely powerful in helping you heal just about anything you need to work on.

Bachelor of Metaphysics

Ministry - Universal Life Church

Los Angeles Pierce College


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